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The air conditioners will play a most important role in every home mainly in summer seasons. Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar And the usage of these air conditioners are also increases during the extreme weather conditions. So the usage of these air conditioners is rapidly increasing. Mainly in these present days the importance of this product is very high. This product will keep the surroundings of the users cool and fresh.

Generally the air conditioners main specialty is giving the cool air to the users. But the modern air conditioners have come with a great technology that is inbuilt heaters option. The benefit of this feature is providing the heat to the users. The heaters will heat the air so this is useful mainly in winter seasons. By this usage of these air conditioners are increasing in winter seasons too. But these ACs will consume very less electricity for using a long time. And this appliance will reduce the possibility of asthma attacks by removing the moisture from the room. It may hot or cold air this will completely covers the room in very less time. However this is one of the greatest inventions in this generation. If you face any issues with the product then just hire our Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar.

Types of air conditioners

The air conditioners are available in three types they are like

Split air conditioners

The split air conditioners are one of the greatest models in the new generation ACs. The users can find many advantages using this product. Mainly is split air conditioners are very easy to setup as this will not require the duct work to the home. This has an outdoor unit which is connected with the indoor unit with a copper tube. The copper tuber will helps to remove the moisture from the room with the help of compressor fan in liquid form.

And these split air conditioner unit will available in very slim size. So this takes a very less space for fixing. The operating of this product is very easy. It done within the fingertip with a remote. This appliance will function with quietness. So it plays a most important role in classrooms, libraries etchant the outside unit is also installed in some distance away from indoor unit. Mainly the maintenance of this product is also very easy it doesn’t require any special care for using. The heating capacity of this product is also very high it can completely increases the room temperature in very less time. Mainly the best thing in the product is its cost this is available in very less cost. So if this AC gets any issue then make a call to our Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar.

Duct air conditioners

These duct air conditioners are mainly used in commercial spaces. These duct air conditioners are more expensive comparing to split air conditioners. Having the duct air conditioner system in home will easily cools the entire space within very less time. The cooling will provided by this unit is comes from the roofs inside the ceilings so this will never visible our side. And these duct AC will connects to every room. So the users can set the different kind of temperature to different room separately. This has a huge cooling capacity comparing to split air conditioners. This will directly blows the air to the room without any cooling vents. And the installation charges of this product are also very high.

And the duct air conditioners are not suits to old houses because it can’t settles with duct work. Mainly this product is use in large spaces like shopping malls and movie theatres etc. because this will maintain the uniform cooling to large areas also. It also saves the electricity consumption while using in complete home. So these duct air conditioners are also having the best demand in the market. If you face any kind of issues in the product then just contact us Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar.

Cassette air conditioners

These cassette air conditioners are the wall mounted unit. And it is one of the most advanced and unique model in the air conditioners.  These cassette air conditioner are having 4 way cooling system so that unit is capable of distribute the air from four sides. And the main advantage of this product is also distributing the cold air uniformly and evenly through the room.

Because this has most powerful fans inside the unit so it is capable of distributing the cool air to long distance. And installing the cassette air conditioners to the ceilings will save the space inside the home. And it is the quietest model comparing to all other air conditioners. The compressor is located in outside the building this requires lot on the walls by drilling. It has many cooling technologies and the operating system of this product is also very easy. And maintenance of this appliance is also very easy. This product is also having few automatic features also like auto cleaning. So the cost of these cassette air conditioners is very high comparing to other air conditioner models. If suddenly this product occurs any issues then just book our service Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar.

Features of air conditioners

Smart control

According to the upgrading generation the air conditioners are also coming with many advanced features. The new generation air conditioners are coming with a great technology that is smart control. Now days everything is going with the smart phones. So the manufacture introduced technology. So now the users can control the air conditioners using the smart phones. They have provided the app and after installing the app and pairing with the air conditioners will give the access to control the unit with the smart phone. So now the users are don’t need to search for the remote to control the unit? This is one of the most important roles in the air conditioners.

Fast cooling

The new generation air conditioners are armed with fast cooling technology. This technology will enable the compressor to run at its maximum speed. With the fastest fan speed which cools in 30 minutes. So this will cool down the cool temperature in very quick time this makes the room in to cool heaven. After cooling the room in 30 minutes the air conditioner will automatically switches to comfort mode. So this will maintain the desired temperature to feel the user more comfort. Using this technology the users can’t feel the unbearably cold. So this is one of the most useful technologies in this product.

Dehumidification Mode

During the summer seasons we use the air conditioners heavily. But it can’t be continued in monsoon seasons. Because in rainy seasons the humidity will be high at that time the ACs will results water leakage?  And this consumes much electricity consumption. This also gives uncomfortable cold air to the users which lead to health issues to the users. So by keeping all these in mind the manufactures are introduced a technology that is dehumidification mode. By enabling this mode the air conditioners will control the humidity and makes the AC normal.

4d cooling

The 4d cooling is one of the great innovations in the advanced air conditioners. . For the most part typical convectional air conditioners are came just 2 different ways swing vents this swings up and down. But now these new generation air conditioners have equipped with this wonderful 4D cooling technology. Now the air conditioners will not only provide the cooling to up and down it also gives the air to right to left. So now it can cover every single corner of the room easily. This will give the air to multiple directions. This feature is mainly suits to those who are not really satisfied with air from the units. And the AC is also equipped with wider angel large fans so this will covers the large areas up to 30 feet’s. However this technology will plays key role in the product.

Stabilizer free operation

These modern air conditioners are coming with stabilizers inbuilt. So this doesn’t require any separate stabilizers to safeguard. Generally we use the stabilizers for safeguarding the product from current fluctuations but for new generation air conditioners have already equipped with inbuilt stabilizers to protect the product.

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Our Ac Repair in Mahbubnagar pledged to provide the genuine services to the customers. We have well skilled and experienced technicians. Who can solve any sort of issue in the product. Our service center will also offer the warranties to the service and repairs. If the product replaced with any additional spare parts. Then we also charge additionally to the spare parts. and we also give the 3 months warranty to them. Our professionals will provide the door to door service for the customers by charging a very less amount. And they strictly follow all covid19 rules and regulation and take all precautions of covid19.

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