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The air conditioners usages will be generally high in mainly summer seasons because of the extreme weather conditions. So at the summer period these air conditioners were played a most important role in every home by keeping the living conditions cool for the users. The main function of the air conditioners is providing the cooling. Air Conditioner Repair in Kurnool The users can take the fastest cooling results to room. It has many benefits using the air conditioners. This will reduces the possibility of asthma attack because cooling will helps the user from getting dehydrate. And the users can sleep comfortably in cool air at any extreme weather conditions.

Mainly this product will prevent the other electric objects by getting overheating. And many people have died because of heat stoke so the air conditioners will helps to prevent these risks. And now the modern generation air conditioners are coming with a great technology that is inbuilt heaters these inbuilt heaters will helps the users to take the hot air from the AC. So now because of this technology the demand for the air conditioners is increased in winter seasons also. The user will stay warm with this option in winter seasons. So like this the importance of the air conditioners is very high in this generation.

Type of air conditioners

Generally we can available of three different kinds of air conditionersthe users can buy the AC according to their usages. And the different types of air conditioners are like

Split air conditioners

The split air conditioners are one of the best model ac in this generation. This split air conditioners will includes two units mainly with a condenser and indoor unit which handles the air inside the room. And these both units will connect with copper refrigerant tubing. And the installation of the split air conditioners are very easy comparing to other models ACs. This requires a very less work for installing so it costs very less labor charges.

 This product will provide thebest cooling results and covers every corner to corner of the room, and this is known as most efficient model in the ACs. This appliance will consume a very less electricity consumption. The size of the split air conditioners is very slim so this will blend with our room décor. The capacity of the split air conditioners is very big so it can easily covers the large areas in very less time. This wills alsokeep the interiors fresh and clean. Air Conditioner Repair in Kurnool And mainly it has the very quiet cooling system this runs very smooth and quiet while providing the cooling. The split air conditioners having the great demand in this generation. This product is available in very reasonable cost.

Duct air conditioners

The duct air conditioners are another best model in this generation. These duct air conditioners are mainly suits to larger residential homes. Because the duct air conditioners will connected to each and every room of the home with multi air flow system. These duct air conditioners will provide the cooling through the roofs. And the users can set the different levels of temperature to each room this is one of the main benefit of this product. For installation of the duct air conditioners will requires theduct work to the room. This requires many efforts of labors to install the duct air conditioners.

The duct AC is more powerful comparing tosplit air conditioners. This will easily provide the uniform cooling to largerspaces in quick time. The indoor unit is mounted to the ceilings so this will occupies a very less space for fixing. Only the cooling vents will be visible outside the ceiling. These duct air conditioners are not suits to old home because this may damage the walls. This appliance will also save the electricity consumption. And it available in less cost comparing to split air conditioners. This will provide the cooling consistentlycomplete home. So the usage of the duct air conditioners will be mainly high in movie theaters and collages etc. So the demand for the duct air conditioners is very high in this generation.

Cassette air conditioners

The cassette air conditioners are most advanced and unique model in the air conditioners.  The cassette air conditioners will provide the cooling 1 way 2 way 3 way and 4 ways from the unit. This appliance will attached to the ceiling so this will save the space of inside the room. Air Conditioner Repair in Kurnool this product looks very elegant the size of this AC is 2 by 2 feet so this looks unique then other models.

This appliance will runs very quiet because the compressor of the cassette air conditioners will attached to long away from the indoor unit. The maintenance of this product is very simple the users can easily cleans the unit themselves in regular bases. Because of the 4 sides cooling system it will easily provide the cooling to every corner of the room. Generally the cost of the split and duct air conditioners are less but the cost of this cassette air conditioners are available in expensive range.These cassette ACs are mainly use in shopping malls, schools and collages etc. However this is one of the most advanced models AC to use in home and working places.

Features of air conditioners

App control

In this modern generation everything is going on with a just single click from the smart phones. So the manufactures of the air conditioners have introduced an advanced technology that app control. So now the users can also control the air conditioners by using the smart phone when so the remote will no necessary to control the AC. The air conditioner will comes with the WIFI option the by connecting the WIFI to the mobile with the app whichprovided by the manufactures then users can control the air conditioners with smart phone. This is one of the most advanced and most useful technology the new generation air conditioners. We can also see the electricity consumption and usage of the air conditioners from the smarty phone.

4D Air flow

The 4d air flow is the great technology in the air conditioners.  Generally normal convectional air conditioners are comes with only 2 ways swing blade this swings only up and down. And now the all advanced generation air conditioners are coming with 4D swing function it spins the blade to four sides like up, down, right, left. Air Conditioner Repair in Kurnool so this blows the cool air to multiple directions to ensure that cooling inside the room.  With technology is mainly designed for those who are not really satisfied with insufficient cooling from the air conditioners. And this also wider angle and larger fans so this larger wide angle fans will increase the air flow of the air conditioner so the product can covers upto 30 feet’s distance. So this technology will play ancrucial role in every air conditioner.

Fast cooling technologies

As we all know about fast charging technology in the smart phones. Same like this the air conditioners are coming with a technology that is fast cooling. The anew generation air conditioners are coming with a technology that is Himalaya. The main reason for introducing this technology is to replicate the feel of Himalaya hill station from sitting in the home. The air conditioners have provided the dedicated button in the remote that is H cool by enabling this the air conditioner will runs in super high speed and cool for 30 minutes to set the room temperature comfortably, and there is another technology that is power chill by using this technology theair conditioner will run more quicker than H cool technology by cooling the room in just 20 minutes. Air Conditioner Repair in Kurnool These are the most useful fast cooling technologies in the advanced generation air conditioners.

Humidity control

Mainly in summer seasons we use the air condition highly. But when it comes to monsoon season the air conditioners will fails to run properly because in monsoon season the humidity will by high so for controlling of humidity the conventional air conditioners will fail. At that time the air conditioners will cause leakage of the water. So the advanced air conditioners are come with a technology to prevent the problem that is dehumidification. This technology will keep the humidity under control and runs the air conditioner safe without any problems.

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Here our air conditioners service center is one of the most trusted service providers to the customers. Our service center has most experienced technical unit who are having the complete idea of the product. After booing our service with in 1 hour our technical unit will reaches the customers home. We also give warranties to our services. The warranty period like 1 month general service warranty and three months spare parts warranty. They are also offers the door to door services to the customers in reasonable costs. So hiring our services will be the best choice for the users to take the most valuable services.

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