IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad. Here, IFB Microwaves are fairly tranquil on certain occasions from a year back we got a microwave for setting up the food. Indian kitchens, which at one time had very less electrical mechanical assemblies, are now getting stacked with machines, things being what they are. Ovens electric or microwave are dynamically getting into Indian kitchens and making their quality felt. Up until now, many periods’ capacities get confounded between the two and don’t sort out which one to buy.

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

It is vital for observe that albeit a lot of activities ought to be conceivable in both of these sorts of ovens; there are very few things that ought to be conceivable well in the two of them. Moreover gainfully picking the device can in like manner help save some force. We have three sorts of microwaves they are solo, barbecue and convection. With the microwave we can cook a wide range of plans. This diverse sort of microwaves will gives the distinctive ruler of cooking capacities which will assumes a most significant part in each microwave.

Types of microwave oven:

  • Solo microwave oven 
  • Grill microwave oven 
  • Convention microwave oven 

Solo microwave oven:

The solo microwaves are the essential model with just not many of cooking capacities. This is a basic microwave with just some fundamental cooking modes. This can do the capacities like warming, warming and thawing out the food things other than this it doesn’t contains any cooking alternatives. So these performance microwaves are accessible in less costs contrasting with the wide range of various models of the microwaves. The clients can’t handle the temperature settings of the microwaves it has the fixed temperature so this microwave can’t prepare a wide range of food things. So the performance microwaves are generally suits for little families like 2-3 individuals or unhitched males.

Grill microwave oven:

The grill broil microwaves are the second model of the microwave which is additionally the essential model of the microwaves with one additional component called barbecuing. Likewise, this has the flame broiling office alongside warming and thawing out. So this flame broiling microwave will give the magnificent barbecuing fulfillment to the clients and it will give the tasty flame broiling results for barbecuing the meat and vegetables. This is outstanding amongst other microwave to utilize. These sorts of microwave sore generally use in bread kitchens and homes. and, This barbecue microwave is accessible in mid gone expense which is not exactly solo microwaves.

Convection microwave ovens

The convection microwaves are the most developed model of the microwaves. This can cook the all assortments of the food things without any problem. The barbecue microwave can flame broil, thaw out, warm, heat and meal and so on this contains all the elements of solo and flame broils microwaves. What’s more, the cost of this convection microwave is extremely high contrasting with any remaining microwaves. 

This item has an incredible choice called temperature control settings so in this item the clients can set the distinctive sort of temperature as indicated by the microwaves. So this microwave can prepare a wide range of food things. This has another incredible innovation that is turn plate which pivots the plate inside the broiler so the food thing can get the equivalent warmth dispersion. So the food things can accept all penalties for setting up the food things. Chiefly these microwaves are utilized in inns. This is the best model in the microwaves so this model has the smash hit rate in this age.

Features of microwave oven 

Smart display

This brilliant presentation is perhaps the main parts in the new age microwaves. This microwave show will contains a wide range of elements of cooking. So the clients can screen the all the settings in the microwave for preparing the food things. This is the most helpful choice for observing the item.

Gourmet wave system

The equivalent warmth conveyance is one of the principle things in the food things to get the delightful flavor to the food things. So for that this connoisseur wave framework will assumes a most significant part in each food things. This connoisseur wave framework will give the equivalent warmth appropriation to the food things. This will give the quick and better preparing results to the food things by holding the nutrients and different supplements from the food things. The clients can likewise control the temperature level setting and speed of the cooking interaction. This innovation will likewise save the hour of and power utilization for concocting to 15%.

Inox terior

Everyone needs the delightful coking to eat so for this from the outset the client needs magnificent cooking results. Also, this inoxterior of the microwave is made with treated steel. So this stainless steel is more useful for astounding cooking results to the clients. Additionally this stainless steel will build up the awesome flow of microwaves or warmth inside the item. This is more viable contrasting with other cooking items.

 Touch panel

Nowadays we all are using these smart phones with touch display. But now we can also control the microwave ovens with touch display. The new generation microwave ovens are equipped with a smooth touch display so the users can control the all microwave ovens functions. This is one of the best options in the microwave oven.

Auto menu

The modern majority of present day age microwaves are accompanying auto menu innovation. In these high level microwaves we have numerous preset projects. With this innovation the clients need to choose the heaviness of the food thing at that point microwave will consequently begins cooking. What’s more, this will likewise naturally change the force and cooking time. This will save the hour of the clients by preparing the food naturally with simply press of single catch. The new age microwaves are giving the 100 pre customized menu things.

Child lock

The clients ought to be cautious while utilizing the microwaves. Opening the entryway of the microwave from the center of the cooking is extremely hazardous. The microwave will contain the huge warmth inside the broiler. So the new microwaves are accompanying this high level youngster lock choice so the client can bolt the entryway of the microwave so clients can possibly open the entryway when they type the secret word on settings board. So this innovation will secure the youngsters’ structure superfluous mishaps. This is one of the wagers wellbeing advances in the microwaves.

Inter lock

The inter lock is the wellbeing choice which is given in the new age microwaves. With this choice the clients can bolt the entryway of the microwave and this makes the microwaves to run just when the entryways are shut. Also, some microwaves will give the two interlocks and other a few models of the microwaves are accompanying 3inter locks. So these bury locks will function as when one lock flop then another lock will begin work. This innovation will assume a most significant part in each microwave.

About our service

Here we are providing the service for the all models of the microwave ovens. We have most experience. So they will do the repairs of every problem of the microwave. Our technicians   will provide the door to door service to the customers in very less cost. And, our technicians are the experienced of more than 10 years they can handle the every the every work of the microwave ovens. Our specialist will check the product first then they will decide to provide the services. 

According to the microwave oven problem our management will provide one month general service warrant and three we are the best services to your microwave oven product. Our technicians will provide the services for only out of warranty products only. Our service center will charge the visiting of 350/-rupees. Best general service warranty we are giving to the customers. They have huge knowledgeable in this filed, they can solving very easily to solve the problems. 

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

For fast and instant cooking we all need is a microwave oven, and it has become a modern kitchen appliance in this generation, and our kitchen will be incomplete without the microwave oven, to cook a variety of food we have different sorts of microwave oven like 

  • Solo microwave oven is the most preferred model of the microwave oven. We can reheat frozen or defrost food very quickly and comfortably. 
  • Grill microwave oven is used for simple and small cooking. This model of microwave oven is suitable for small families.
  • Who doesn’t want to eat grilled, roasted, and baked food? To cook all those foods in our homes we need a convection microwave oven. This is the suitable model of microwave oven for all of these.

Every electronics appliance will have years of service within that years the appliances will work perfectly and after that period the appliance will lead to having some issues which make the appliance work improperly, to make it work properly we are here to help you to solve your issues at your doorstep, by our professional experts.

Here are some most commonly seen drawbacks of microwave ovens like 

Not spinning of the palate

Sparking of fire

The bulb is not getting on when the food is being cooked,

Temperature issues 

Microwave oven stops in the middle,

Keypad issues,

Don’t worry these issues will get solved hear by our specialist of our service at your doorstep, our experienced mechanist can do all major and minor repair and service very efficiently, to get our qualitative service just log in your complaint in our service center 

The process to login your complaint:

Make a call on our toll-free number and book your complaint or else register your complaint through our website. and within a day our experienced technicians will be sent to your residence for repair, and our visiting charges will be only 350Rs and we will charge you and extra amount on the spare when it is fixed. And once the service is done then we will be giving you a service warranty of 30 days and the spare warranty of 90 days for your appliances. We aim for our customer satisfaction which we can give through our qualitative service. 

highlights of our service:

On-time service center 

Experienced technicians 

Quick repair

24/7 online support

Supportive staff

Service to non-warranty appliances

We are the dealers of ifb appliances

Warranty service 

Less visiting charges 350rs

Repeatedly asked questions

What will be your visiting charges?

Our visiting charges will be 350Rs and if any spare is fixed then we will be charging you an extra amount for that 

Are your technicians experienced?

All technicians undergo specialized service and all are experienced in this field. 

Does your service center use genuine spare parts?

Our service center will use the original and genuine spare for repair and for that warranty will be given for 90 days.

Will your service center provide doorstep service? 

Yes we are offering our customers a doorstep service.

The procedure to get our service

To acquire our organization you want to book your objection by settling on a decision on our complementary number, in any case, book your offence through our administration site as your protest is reserved. Then within 24hours we will send our most gifted leader to fix it at your doorstep. If the microwave is not working just contact our  service center . 

Top points of our administration center

1.Ontime administration: our administration will offer you the one time administration to our customers.

2.Doorstep administration: we are offering you the doorstep administration for our clients, 

3.Excellent engineers: all designers are all around prepared and magnificent in this fixing field, and can do every one of the fixes well.

4.Service guarantee: our administration place will offer you the assistance guarantee of 30days

5.Spare parts guarantee: our administration community will offer you a 90days spare parts warranty.

6.original  spare parts: we will consistently utilize real extra parts for repair.

7.Shipment: when there is a need to carry your equipment to our administration place then shipment will be from our side.

8.Online administration: our web-based help will be day in and day out accessible to our customers.

9.Supportive staff: we have the most talented and good nature staff to tackle all your questions.

10 Visiting charges: our specialists will charge you the levelheaded visiting charges that are 350 rupees  and assuming any extra parts are supplanted then the sum is to be charged furthermore.

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