IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Secunderabad

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Secunderabad. The microwave oven the modern kitchen appliance used to cook delicious food for our loved family and friends. It’s a time saver and handy appliances to cook the food, we can bake grill and reheat the cooked food with the help of micro oven, and due to the advanced technology we have different models of the microwave oven like a solo microwave oven, Grill microwave oven, and convection micro oven, to cook your daily routine foodstuffs.

Microwave Oven

We at IFB service repair and service center is presenting you the doorstep service to your micro oven as it is an electronic appliance sometimes due to the high and low voltage of current will leads to the inner breakdown and that makes our product work inefficiently and need to get it repaired and serviced and we are the most and trusted service center. 

Types of microwave oven 

Solo microwave oven 

Grill microwave oven 

Convection microwave oven 

IFB Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Secunderabad





We came here with the motto of providing doorstep service to our customers. You can see what type of servicing can give to your micro oven every appliance will have some span of working after hat span or when the time comes the product need to get it repaired for its better working or you might be seen some issues like the plate is not spinning properly, sparking microwave, touchpad issues, micro oven stopes in the middle, and the micro oven is too heated. These are the commonly seen micro oven issues that cause more. 

Why get our IFB micro oven service center

We hear the doorstep service suppliers to the microwave oven we can do all the massive and mini repair to your microwave oven, your team of repairing is well trained and experienced in this field and can give you the excellent repair at low visiting charges, and once the service has completed then we are offering 30 days general service warranty and 90 days spare warranty, coming to the spare if your micro oven any of the parts is damaged then we will replace it with the original once and for that, we will charge you an extra amount, and we will do service for only out of warranty micro oven.

What we furnish you 

We are offering you the doorstep service to your problematic product

And, we are offering you the service at less visiting charges that is Rs:350 and extra amount on the spare,

We are offering you the service of an experienced and skilled machinist.

Our Service Center offering you the 24/7 customer online support

We are offering you the on-time and genuine service 

We offering you the 100% satisfied service to our micro oven 

How to contact us 

It’s easy to contact us with the customer care number which has been provided or else book your complaint on our website once you booked your complaint then our customer support team will call back to you and at your preferred time, we will send our field experts to do the repair. 

Microwave is an essential home appliance product. without this microwave oven, it is difficult to often the kitchen. nowadays in every home, the microwave is playing a vital role.  The oven used to cook the food in a fast way. With the help of the microwave, we can cook cakes, chocolates, burgers, pizzas. so if the microwave oven is not working contact to our service center. we provide the doorstep service. the engineers are having experience in repairing all the models of the microwave oven. 

Models of microwave oven 

  1. Solo 
  2. Grill
  3. Conventional 

Problems of microwave oven 

  • Microwave is not heating 
  • The microwave plate  is not spinning 
  • No light inside 
  • The microwave oven stopped  middle of cooking 

 So contact our service center we provide the repair and service. The engineers skilled in repairing all the models of microwave oven 

Spotlight features of our service center 

  1. Our service center gives you doorstep services.
  2. Visiting charges are 350 rupees.
  3. Our organization have an experts team in repairing and servicing 
  4. The technicians skilled  with 7 years of experience 
  5. We give you the top-level service 
  6. Hassle-free service 
  7. Fasts service 
  8. We provide qualified service.
  9. One month service warranty
  10. 3 months warranty for the spare parts 
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