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The microwave ovens are one of the most important kitchen appliances in this generation. And every modern kitchen looks empty without this microwave ovens. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Kurnool We can cook every kind of food items with this appliance. The users can get the most satisfied cooking results with this product. And we can find many advanced cooking features in this product. So the demand for this product in this generation is very high.

The microwave ovens will runs with the use of electricity consumption. Not only in this are generation. But we use microwave ovens since many years. But the value of this product is not decreased till now. There are some food items which is cant cook without the microwave ovens. The microwave ovens will cook the food items in very less time. And the cooking process will become easier to the users using the microwave ovens. So anyone any easily cook the food things. And it has a great option that is auto menu. So with this users can do all other activities. While oven is automatically prepares the food items to the users.So the importance of the microwave ovens are very high in this generation.

Types of microwave ovens

The microwave ovens are mainly available in three types they are as

Solo microwave ovens

The solo microwave ovens are the most common model in every home. Because the usage of this product is very high. It is available in very less cost comparing to all other microwave oven models. These solo microwave ovens are having only basic level of cooking function. And this oven is not suits to all varieties of the food items. So it is only use in home and mainly it is suits to small families with 2-3 members. And the ideal capacity of the microwave ovens is 25 – 30 liters. So users can also enable to cook large item. So the cost of the grill microwave ovens is also very less comparing to all other models of the ovens. This will consume a very less electricity consumption.

The main function of the solo microwave ovens is reheating and defrosting. We are unable to set the required temperature to the food items the product is came with only fixed temperature to the oven. This one of the disadvantage in the microwave oven. After introduction of grill and convection microwave the demand for this product has decreased.

Grill microwave ovens

The grill microwave ovensare continue model of the solo microwave ovens. This product is named as a grill microwave oven because its main specialty is grilling the food items. This appliance is also equipped with grilling accessories so that grilling the food items like vegetables and meat will become easier.And it will gives the best grilling flavor to the food items. This product can use for wider variety cooking comparing to solo microwave ovens. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Kurnool The have also provided the metal rack which helps to give the delicious cooking to the food items. It is also came with power grill and eco mode. And this also contains the functions of defrosting and reheating so along with grilling the users can enjoys these functions.

Mainly these grill microwave ovens are used in bakeries and hotels. This will provide the fastest cooking results to the users. It has preheat technology with this users can heat the microwave oven in advance to heat the food items in less time. This appliance is available in mid ranged cost. However this is one of the best product to use in every home.

Convection microwave oven

The convection microwave ovens are most advanced model in the microwave ovens. This has many special features. This helps theusers during the cooking processand we can cook the food items automatically by just selecting the weight of the food item. The auto menu is the main reason of automatic cooking of the food items.

Mainly convection microwave ovens can cook all varieties of the food items. And it has the functions of solo and grill microwave ovens. Many users will prefers to buy these convection microwave oven to prevent the additional expense of buying solo and grill microwave ovens separately. This product is equipped like with a fan which moves the hot air around the food items and it is also having turn plate technology this will rotates the food items inside theoven to get the equal heat distribution to the food items. The convection microwave ovens are most expensive model comparing to all other oven. Mainly the users can set the required level of temperature in this product.

Features of microwave oven

Smart display

The modern microwave ovens are coming with this smart displays. So now the monitoring of the microwave ovens are become much easier. We can find every setting of microwave oven in this smart display.

Inox terior

For taking the great cooking results to the food items there is a main reason that is inox terior technology. The inox terior is made with the stainless steel this helps the oven to circulate the uniform heat to the food items. And this results the delicious cooking results to users. This is one of the best option in the microwave oven.

Gourmet wave system

The gourmet wave system is one of the most important features in the microwave ovens. This technology will ensure to provide the uniform heating and fastest cooking results.Mainly it will retains the vitamins and other nutrients from the food items. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Kurnool We can also get the liberty of monitoring power level of the microwave oven. This technology results not only saving the time but also electricity consumption of the oven.

Auto menu

The auto menu will plays a most important role in cooking process. The modern microwave ovens are coming with many automatic cooking options. This makes the cooking process very simple and easier to the users. For cooking the food items automatically the users just needs to select the weight of the food items. By selecting the weight of the food item the it automatically starts the cooking.

Automatic steam sensors

This is one of the most useful technology in the microwave ovens. There are some microwave ovens with this technology which can tell the users that your food is ready by seeing steam level. And by using this technology the food will never undercooked and over cooked the users can take the safe and delicious taste to the food items. And the user don’t need of setting any timer for cooking the food items.


The inter locks is a most important safety feature in the microwave ovens. This features enables the oven to not run when the oven door is open. Because the there is tremendous heat will be present inside theoven while cooking. This will prevent the children’s from opening the door of the oven. So this technology will play a most important role in every microwave oven.

Turn plate technology

The turn plate technology will plays a most important role in every microwave oven. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Kurnool Getting the sufficient and equal heat to the food item is most important for getting the delicious flavor to the food items. This turn plate will spins the food items inside the oven so the food thing will get the equal heat all around. This technology is mainly available in convection microwave oven.

Manual power level setting

Generally we use to cook the food items in different level of temperatures. And there are some microwave ovens which is not having power control option so we can’t get the better cooking results. So the new generation microwave ovens are coming with this manual power level setting options. So now the users can set the different level of power level setting to their food items in between 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 100%.


The preheat option will get use when the users have to heat the food items quickly or cook the food items. By using the preheat option we can heat the oven before starts cooking the food items. Using this technology will not consume any extra electricity consumption. We use this option for cooking many food items. So this preheat technology is also having the great importance in every microwave ovens.

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