LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad. The TV’s are the product in this generation which always provides the entertainment to users. We can watch movies, sports, TV shows, geography etc. since 90’s days we are using the television for entertainment purposes. Since the years passing the televisions are also coming with many upgraded features. The basic models of the TV’s used in earlier 20’s and 90’s days. The TV’s are in box shape which occupies extra space comparing to new televisions. This product has a good market value which has not decreases since many years. The modern Tele visions are coming with most upgraded in the form of design and technologies.

LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Now we can see the TV’s like LED and LCD models which has many outstanding features and this will give the better satisfaction to the users. The LED TV has a very slim body which looks great and this TV will occupy a very less space comparing to all other models. The screens of this LED and LCD are coming with a big screen with small edges so user can watch a big screening. This will gives the best satisfaction of screening. These screens will add more detailing to the pictures. And this TV’s are providing the resolution options like HD, UHD, full HD and 4K. The prices of the TV’s are depends on resolution and size of the TV. The different models are giving the different technologies like.


This LED TV’s are best model in Tele visions this has a flat and big display. The LED TV’s are providing the resolution of HD and full HD solutions. The full HD display means the complete display this means the complete front panel of the TV is completely covered with display. The LED TV’s are coming with the option called light emitting diodes. These light emitting diodes are place behind the screen and sometimes it placed on edges of the screen. These light emitting diodes will give the most realistic and shaper colors to the picture. This has dimming capability on black lightening blacks On LED screens.

This will gives true black to the picture by blocking extra blacks from pass on panel. The LED TV’s has t the best selling rate among all other models. Nowadays many users are buying the separate sound systems for TV’s like home theaters. Because the sound system of the LED TV’s is not so great however it requires a separate sound system so this will give the better satisfaction to the users. There are 3 types in LED TV’s are there they are edge lit LED this fixed around the edges. And dynamic RGB LED this placed behind the panel. The last type is full array LED this is also placed back of the panel. This is the bet model in the Tele vision.


The OLED is one of the new models in Tele visions. The OLED TV’s are coming with high tech typed displays. The high tech display will add the more amazing satisfaction of watching movies or anything. This TV has a amazing feature that is smart pixels this is self illuminating capacity. The display has a wider viewing technology so the user can watch the movies bi sitting from any side and the picture will not fade out. This model will consume very less electricity consumption comparing to LED TV. This has very thinner plastic layer and lighter, flexible.

These thinner plastic layers are the reason of providing the more brightness to the picture. This results more vibrant to the color so the picture looks very natural.  The screen of this product is also thinner comparing to LED TV’s. And the OLED TV’s has a fast refreshing rate contrast. And there are some most unique and advanced that is rollable and transparent. But these are not available in fewer costs these are the most expensive model of the generation. And the OLED has a highest resolution TV that is 8k at present this is the highest resolution in TV’s.

Plasma TV

The plasma TV is available in large sizes only because they only manufacture the large size TV only. The plasma has the highest size TV of this generation. The main specialty of this plasma is providing the perfect color to fast moving picture also. This plasma TV’s are has the best capacity of showing deep blacks. And this has a better saturation and picture accuracy.

This is also has wide viewing features this is the best TV when it comes to display. But now the production of plasma stopped because of competition of LED with extra features in low cost. There is a small defect with the display in this plasma TV. when we place something in front of TV like lights, candles will reflex in screen and disturbs the user.

Smart TV’s

The smart TV’s are the top model in televisions and this is the most advanced TV with many great technologies. Nowadays all are showing the interest toward buying the smart TV. These 4K TV’s are coming with resolution of 4K and this will give the accessibility to users for connecting the internet. The user can stream all OTT plat form with smart TV’s. And the smart TV’s are coming with the Dolby sound system which will gives the best experience of sound. This smart TV’s are very less in cost comparing with OLED TV’s. These smart TV’s the best model to use in every home. And the smart TV’s are available in different sizes.

4K HD streaming

Generally all advanced TV’s are coming with 4K and UHD streaming. Because nowadays are the people are only showing the interest towards by TV’s with highest resolution. The highest resolution will show the real clarity of a movie or TV show. Many streaming plat forms like Amazon prime video, Netflix and apple TV etc are also providing the streaming quality up to 4K. because the movies are also releasing in 4K resolution. This 4K option will provide the best satisfaction to the users. This 4K and UHD are the best options in modern TV’s.

Smart phone compatibility

Generally all TV’s are comes with a separate remove to monitor the TV. And in the same the smart TV’s are coming with a remote but the user can also control the TV with smart phone. By installing the app called smart compatibility then user can control the TV with smart phone. So with this technology the remote of the TV is not necessary to control. This is one of finest technology in smart TV.

LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Problems in TV
TV won’t power up but power light blinks

This problem is mainly cause by electricity connection and another one is self diagnostic system as detected. It is the simplest problem which can easily solve. The user has to remove the all power cords from the unit and wait for some time and plug it back. This is the small issue from power transmission. So, This is easy solving problem but after all this process but your TV remain off then it is better to contact a technicians.

TV has sound but no picture

Many users face this problem many times. The main reason for this problem is faulty light system. This is a major problem in TV the user can’t do anything with this problem. Sometimes this become very costly because the LCD panel may requires to replace. To replace this panel it requires a well trained technician because they can replace the LCD panel and damaged capacitor.

Multiple vertical lines

This is the most disturbing problem in every TV. For this problem is also the major occur in TV’s which cant do the repair to the TV. This problem is also may requires to replace the LCD panel of the TV. The replacing of the LCD panel can give the solution to his problem.

About service

Our services center in Hyderabad will provide the most satisfied services to the customers. We undertake the all major and minor problems of the product. That our technicians all well trained and experienced of 10 years so they will gives the best services to the customers. And also they will provide the warranty to services like 1 month general services warranty and 3 month product warranty. Our technicians will provide the services like TV models like LED, LCD, OLED and smart TV. And our technicians will replace the all damaged parts with new spare parts.

We charge extra for spare parts. And not only providing the spare parts we’ll also offer warranties to spare parts. Our service centre will give the service of 24 hours to the customers. And our technicians will also give door steps services to the customers so customers can take the services for their product. Our technicians will charge only 350/- for visiting charge. They will provide on time service to the customers. We are sure to provide the 100% satisfied services to customers. 

LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

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Repair Center

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LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

For any kind of problems in your home appliance product of help with your home appliance just visit our service center. We always make sure to communicate clearly using easy to understand terms. so you won’t be affecting by technical speak e perform background checks on all of our employees because we are care who we send to your home best to solve . You can trust our service center in problem solving best service they can give to your all home appliance products.

LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

TV enables young people to share cultural experiences with other people. Moreover, it can teach kids important values and life lessons. Further, educational programming can develop young children’s socialization and learning skills. Furthermore, news, current events, and historical programming may also help to make young people more aware of other cultures also. Kids can enjoy watching cartoons and also they can make beautiful memories. However, there are some entertaining shows through which all the working people can relax for some time. Documentaries can help to develop critical thinking about society and about the world. Further, TV can help to introduce the youth to classic Hollywood films and foreign movies. Moreover, cultural programming can open up the world of music and art for young people.

Types of TV:



Issues of TV:

Hearing an Echo:

If you are hearing an echo from your TV, then it means you have a separate sound system like a soundbar or surround sound system. And further, you may have the volume playing both through your external sound system and your TV speakers. This can result in an echo. You have to use either your TV speakers or an external sound system and this can eliminate the echoes. 

The TV screen has lines:

If your TV screen has lines, then bring up the TV menu. However, if the lines run through the menu, or if the screen is cracked, then your panel needs replacement. 

The reason for this issue is that the T-Con board is not working properly. Sometimes this may be due to the wiring or this board may need to be replaced with new ones. 

The TV turns on but no picture:

The main reason for the TV turning on but no picture is wrong input. For this change the input by pushing a button on your TV remote labeled “input”, “source”, or “TV/Video”. Try to keep pushing the button of the cycle through the inputs until the picture appears.

If your input is correct, then there might be issues with the cable or satellite receiver. Make sure that it is on and check if all the connections are secure or not. In that case, you need to reset your cable box by unplugging it and plugging it back simultaneously. 


For any kind of issue or repair of the TV just visit our website and contact us. We have professionals who are holding experience of more than 8 years. They can solve the issues of television within a few minutes at your doorstep. Most of the customers are preferring our service center for the repair of the TV. For the satisfaction of the customers, we give them a warranty of 3 months on the spare parts. Also, we give them a warranty of 1 month on the general services. So, contact us and take the best doorstep services from us. All the technicians give good responses to the customers. 

Television is known as an entertainment box. Through tv, we can watch serials, news, games, songs, etc so if you’re facing any problem with the television just contact our service center. doorstep tv repair and service center in Hyderabad. We are well known for repairing and servicing the major problems in tv. tv has many issues and problems like the lines are vertical shape, color is changing, display issues so if you’re looking for any repair for tv just book our service. 

Types of television 

  • Plasma tv 
  • Led tv 
  • Direct television 
  • Liquid crystal display (lcd) 
  • Organic light emitting diode (oled )
  • Direct tv 

Highlights of service center 

  1. Quick response 
  2. Available 24/7 
  3. 99% satisfaction for the customers 
  4. We provide 365 days service 
  5. Guinea service 
  6. Provide the best service. 
  7. 100% trustworthy service 
  8. Engineers are skilled for the service 
  9. On time service 
  10. Visiting charges 350 rupees 

Frequently asked questions 

  • What are the visiting charges?

 Visiting charges are 350/ rupees for spare parts. 

  •  How can we pay the amount?

 We can pay the amount through cash or online.

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