Refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar

Refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar

We all know the importance of refrigerators in every home and every season. We use to store the different kind of food kind of food items in this product. The main thing of using this appliance is protecting the food items so the main purpose of using the product is protecting the food items. The cooling is most essential part in saving the food items. Refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar Because by providing the cooling to the food items it will reduces the growth of bacteria on the food things so the food will stay more safe and fresh for long time. We can see two different storing compartments in the refrigerator they are freezer and fridge.

Generally the freezer is use for store the food items like meat it will freezes the food and fridge compartment will use to store the food in normal cooling temperature which helps to store the food things like vegetables and other things like water bottles, cool drinks, ice creams and chocolates etc. the refrigerators will use in homes, hotels, medical stores and any other working places. So the usage of these refrigerators is very high. We can see the refrigerators in three types. If any model refrigerator gets any repairs then just hire our service center

Single door refrigerators

The single door refrigerators are implies that only one door to the complete unit. If the users need to reach the freezer compartment he has to open the main door so it causes to loss the cooling of the refrigerators.  Because the both freezer and fridge compartments are equipped in single door. The main advantage of this single door refrigerator is its cost it is available in affordable cost. And this will uses a very less power for cooling the food items. So the users don’t need to concern about the electricity bills. Mainly the size of the single door fried is very smaller so it will take up with less space in the room.

So these single door refrigerators are suits to small houses perfectly. Generally the maximum capacity of the single door refrigerators is 250 liters. For this it ideal choice for the small families because they can only able to store the less amount of food items. And the disadvantage of this product is users have to defrost the ice from the freezer manually because it is equipped with direct cooling technology and don’t have any options like frost free options. Because of smaller freezer compartments the users can’t store the more food items. So if this product gets any repair then just hire our Service Center.

Double door refrigerator

These double door refrigerators are equipped with two doors top and bottom. We can available of large storage capacity with bigger shelves to fit the larger vessels and also taller door shelves for storing the water bottles and cool drinks. This will ensure to give the most comfortable storing space in the fridge. And the maximum capacity of these double door refrigerators is 235 liters to 495 liters. So this will easily suits to families with three to five members. This helps the users to store all his food items in the fridge comparing to single door refrigerators.

And the double door refrigerators are have equipped with separate freezer with its own door. So this results a large freezer compartment comparing to single door refrigerators. By this now the users can store more meat, veggies, fruits and sauces etc. Now from any compartments will never disturb because he can open the door separately for freezer and fridge. Comparing to single door refrigerators it will maintains the better cooling inside the fridge.

And the main purpose of using this product is protecting the food things by retaining the nutrition from the stored food items. And this has a great technology that is frost free technology this will automatically defrost the ice from the freezer. This also protects the life span of the product, like when we remove the ice build up from the freezer it leads to damage the life span of the freezer. If the product occurs any repairs then just book our Refrigerator Repair Center.

Side by side door refrigerators

The side by side door refrigerators have equipped with two separate compartments with its own doors. We can use one side as the freezer compartment while other side is used as normal fresh food compartment. The users can customize the refrigerator accordingly. And if the users can’t get enough space for storing the food items they can convert the freezer in to normal fridge easily.

These side by side door refrigerators will offer the more storing shelves in the freezer to store comparing to all other models of refrigerators. And moreover this product requires a less space to swing open the doors because this as small sized doors with huge storing options. Buying these side by side door refrigerators are best choice for many people but it’s also not suits to some other peoples like who are living in small houses. Because the main disadvantage of this product is its size. We can able to store large and heavy items in the refrigerators.  And the capacity of the side by side door refrigerators is very huge comparing to other models refrigerators. So the cost of these side by side door refrigerators is also very high. If this appliance gets any repairs then just hire our refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar.

Features of refrigerators

Convertible options

We can find many different types of convertible options in this modern generation refrigerators. They are like

Normal mode

The normal mode is using the product normally without any implementations of the freezer. Like using top compartment as freezer and bottom one is fridge. So it is known as normal mode.

Extra fridge mode.

The extra fridge mode is one of the most useful options in the advanced refrigerators. It is used by the users when they don’t get the sufficient storing space in the product. So he can easily convert the freezer in to fridge.

Seasonal mode

The seasonal mode is one of the energy efficient options in the refrigerator. Sometime we don’t get anything to store the food things in the freezers so at that time the freezer will consume the electricity unnecessarily. So using this technology will helps to turn off the freezer and run fridge.

Vacation mode

It is also an energy saving option it is opposite technology of seasonal mode. Refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar We use the refrigerator for 24hours if we turn off the product then it will damage the refrigerator’s performance. If user will go out for any vacations then he don’t need to turn off the product this options will makes the product to run the freezer and turn off the fridge.

Home alone mode

The home alone mode is also known as mini fridge mode. If the user have very less items to store then he able to convert the freezer in to normal fridge. Now the users can shift his all food things in to mini fridge.

Digital inverter compressor

The digital inverter compressor is one of the most important technologies in the modern generation refrigerators. Generally the conventional refrigerators have come only with single motor speed so the user can only able to off or on the motor. But the new generation refrigerators are coming with 7 adjustable speeds. So now the users can set the different motor speed according to the food items inside the refrigerators. And the appliance cans also automatically the set the cooling speed. If the storage is high then it will accelerate the speed when the storage is less it reduces the speed. So this is one of the most important features in advanced refrigerator model.

Cooling gel and cooling walls

Generally the power cuts will leads to spoil the food items. So the manufactures are come with two technologies by keeping this in mind. They are cooling walls and cooling gels. The cooling walls are provided at the back of storing shelve this will provide the cooling to the food items for 12 hours after power cuts and cooling gels will releases the type of gas after power cut so this also helps to keep the stored food items fresh for long time. These both technologies will play a most important role during the power cuts.

About service

Here our Refrigerator Repair in Mahbubnagar is offering the most valuable services to the customers. The users can book our repair and services from the online very easily. We also accept offline complaints also. And we send of our technicians to the customer’s home within 1 hour after the booking. Our technicians are most experienced of more than 10 years so the customers can take the most satisfied repairing and services to the customers. We also offer the warranties to the customers for giving the services and replacing the spare parts. So book our services now to take the genuine services to the product.

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