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The refrigerators are one of the most using home appliances in every home this product is mainly use for protecting the food items. Without this appliance the protection of thefood items is very difficult. The main function of this refrigerator is providing the cooling. Refrigerator Repair Service in Kurnool The cooling will plays acrucial role in reducing the growth of the bacteria on the food. Moreover, this is the effective product item which runs 24 hours in each season.

The uses of these fridges are extremely high in summers. moreover, these fridges are additionally runs according to the climate conditions like in winter seasons it is exceptionally simple to cool the food things if the temperature in outside is additionally extremely cool so this not requires the fridge to run in high in speed. And, in summer seasons the refrigerator will run in its maximum speed if temperature is very high in summer seasons. So to cool the food things the fridge requires maximum fan speed so this results high power utilization. This product will give the cooling to each corner to corner inside the product. The fridges are available in different types as they are as

Types of refrigerators

Single door refrigerators

The single door refrigerators are one of the most commonly using products in every home. And the usage of the single door refrigerators is very high before introduction of the double door refrigerators. The storage capacity of this appliance isvery low so the users can’t store the big and heavy items. The single door refrigerator will only contains two shelves so it is not suits to storing many food items.

Mainly it is equipped with only single door within this they have provided a small freezer compartment. The complete capacity of the single door refrigerators is 250 liters and the electricity consumption of this product is also very low comparing to double door refrigerators like 30% to 40% less power consumption. Economically this is the best refrigerators to the users to buy. Comparing to all other refrigerator models. It is equipped with direct cooling technology so it will not clean the ice buildup from the freezer. And one disadvantage of this product isif the user opens the freezer the fridge compartments will also open. So at the time the cooling from fridge will also go out. This single door refrigerators will occupies a very less space to store in a place.

Double door refrigerators

The double door refrigerators are one of the mostusing products in these generations. Comparing to single door refrigerators the cooling features of the double door refrigerators are more advanced. It has special feature that is double door itself because this will separates freezer and fridge compartments. So now the users can open the doors separatelywithout disturbing the cooling. Refrigerator Repair Service in Kurnool So the users can store the more food items in this comparing to single door refrigerators. The usage of this model is generally high in home and general stores etc. This has a great technology that is frost free feature this technology will helps the users to clean the frost buildup inside the freezer walls automatically.

 If users remove the frost from refrigerator then it damages the life span of the refrigerator. So by keeping this in mind the manufactures are designed this technology. The capacity of the double door refrigerator is 435 liters approximately. This product will use 30% extra electricity consumption than single door. However this is perfectly suits to medium size families and it is available in mid ranged cost only. This appliance will provide the uniform cooling to the food items.

Side by side door refrigerators

The side by side door refrigerators are the most advanced model refrigerators. The user can find many advanced features in this product. Comparing to all other models the side by side door refrigerators are the best model with huge storing space. This will protect the food items safe for long time by keeping them fresh. It has two big storing compartments like one complete side of the door can be used as freezer and another door is use as fridge. So now the users can also store the large amount of food items in freezer compartment also. And it also has a great technology that is converter technology.

If the user is not satisfied with the fridge storing space then he can convert the freezer in to normal refrigerators for storing of fruits and vegetables. This product has big storing shelves so users can able to store large and heavy food items in this product. Refrigerator Repair Service in Kurnool The side by side door refrigerators are not suitable to small houses because this requires a large surface to store. Comparing to all other model refrigerators the side by side door refrigerators are big in size. The cost price of this product is also very high.

Features of refrigerators

Convertible options

The convertible option is one of the most useful feature in the refrigerators.They have provided the 5 different types of convertible options they are like

Normal mode

This is also known as usual mode because when we use the refrigerators without any change in the refrigerators. Like the top compartment is use as freezer and bottom compartment is use as fridge. With this option user just have to store the food items generally. The freezer compartment is work providing ice and fridge is providing normal cooling is known as normal mode

Extra fridge mode

Some seasons the refrigerator remains empty and some other seasons the refrigerator get filled with food things. The extra fridge mode gives the liberty to the users when they don’t get the sufficient space in this fridge then they can easily convert the freezer in to normal fridge to store the food items with this technology.

Season mode

The season mode is very useful when user having nothing to store in the freezer. Like in winter season we use freezer compartments very less. Without this mode generally the refrigerators will consume high electricity without using the freezer. So the season mode will helps to turn off the freezer and runs the fridge without disturbing the cooling.

Vacation mode

Generally we use then refrigerators for 24 hours in every season to protect the food items. Refrigerator Repair Service in Kurnool If we turn of the refrigerator it will damage the life span of the refrigerators and causes the leakage of the gas also. So this technology will help users when they go out for avacation for some days. They don’t need to turn off the fridge and runs the freezer so this will save the electricity consumption.

Home alone mode

The home alone mode is also one of the most efficient option in this product. If the user doesn’t have anything or having a very less amount of the food items then they can turn the freezer into mini fridge mode. So user can turn of the fridge by shifting all things to freezer.

Cooling gel or cooling wall

Mainly the power cuts are also one of the main problems in India. The power cut will definitely damages the food items stored inside the refrigerators. Not only it damages the food items it also damages the fridge also. So by keeping this in mind the manufactures are introduced wonderful technologies called cooling walls and cooling gels. Refrigerator Repair Service in Kurnool The cooling walls are equipped at the back of the shelves so when power will be off then these cooling walls having the capacity of keeping the food items cool and freshfor 12 hours.And these cooling gels will give the release the gas this also helps to keepthe fridge cool.

Digital inverter

The digital inverter is one of the most important features in these refrigerators. This technology will mainly save the electricity consumption. Generally the earlier refrigerators don’t have digital inverter option so they always run at its keep speed for providing the cooling. If we store less amount of food items or large amount of food items it always runs in its peaks speed so the electricity consumption of this product is high. So this technology will help the usersby adjusting the refrigerator speed automatically. The product will run according to the load inside the refrigerators. This technology will play amost important role in every refrigerators

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