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The washing machines are one of the great inventions of this generation. It helps the users in washing task by providing the most satisfied and quick washing to the users. So these washing machine’s usages are very high in this generation. It will save the efforts and time of the users. Washing Machine Repair Service in Mahbubnagar Generally if we wash the clothes with hands it requires lot of physical stress of the users. So the invention of the washing machines were helped many households by preventing the physical strain for washing task. And comparing to washing the clothes with washing machines will give the most effective washing than washing with hands.

These washers will consume very less water and electricity consumption for washing. And this appliance will give safe and better washing for the clothes. These washers are having most powerful drums. And the users can get both draining and washing functions in these washing machines. And we can also wash and soak the garments in hot water in the machine the hot water will be more effective on hard dirt particles and germs etc. so these washing machines will plays a most important role in every home in present days.

Types of Washing Machine

The washing machines are available to the users in 4 types they are like.

Top Load Washing Machine

The top load washing machines are one of the most important most utilizing products in this every home. These top load washers will wash the clothe effectively by using less water. And the power consumption of this product is also very less because it has lower washing capacity. So this is only able to wash only few clothes in the washers. These top load washers are available in cheaper costs to the users. So this is cheap and best model in the washing machines.

The top load washers are available with agitators and without agitators. So the users can choose the different type of machine accordingly. The agitator will create a type of motion which helps to wash the heavy and bulky clothes. And with without agitators will are more energy and water efficient. This will give the fastest washing results to the users. The users can’t drain the clothes in these top load washing machines so these washers will occupy a very less space.

Front Load Washing Machines

The front load washers have manufactured with central entryways. The users have to bend always for keep the clothes in the front load washer. Washing Machine Repair Service in Mahbubnagar We can set many advanced options for washing comparing to top load washing machines. It has a safety drum this won’t ever harm the garments while washing the garments. Primarily the users can’t open the washer door and can’t add more garments in middle of the wash cycle in the product. They have given a glass to the door these users can see the washing cycle of the garments.

The front load washers are suits generally suits to medium size families. The users can undoubtedly wash the heavy and large garments in this model. This will gives the best wash to the clothes. The advanced front load washers are came along with an extraordinary innovation that is inbuilt heater. This will serves to users to wash the garments with the high temperature water. This will protects the space of the room because this has a small surface with single drum after completing of the wash cycle this will automatically drains the water in the same drum.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

The semi automatic washing machines are the great model in these present days. This is also an introduction level washing machine but the usage of this product is very high comparing to top load washers. It will use very less water for washing the clothes. But the disadvantage with this product is its size the size this product is very big because it having two drums for washing and draining the clothes.

The importance of these both drums is very high in the washers. But the user’s needs to do lot physical work of the washing the clothes. Like shifting the wet clothes to draining drum. These semi-automatic washing machines will give the best washing results to the users. The user always needs to set a different wash setting wash to the clothes. This product is also available in very less cost and the demand for this product is also very high. The users can shift this product to one place to another place because this is very light weight product. Washing Machine Repair Service in Mahbubnagar The maintenance of this product is also very less comparing to front load washing machines.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

The fully automatic washing machines are most upgraded model machine in this generation. The users can find the most advanced washing functions and features in this product. It is the most powerful washing machine which gives the effective washing to the clothes. Generally if we use any other washing machines we have to do some physical work during the wash cycle. But when using these fully automatic washing machines we can wash the clothes completely with just one click on the washer. The users don’t need to do any physical work. It also uses very less water and electricity consumption. This will gives the most powerful wash to the clothes so the users can get the most satisfied washing results to the users. This is coming with comfortable size which can fit in any small homes. And this is most expensive model washing machine.

Features of Washing Machines

Bubble Wash

The bubble wash is one of the most powerful features in this new generation washing machines. This is also a safety feature because the bubbles are having the softest surface so this will never damages the clothes. By clicking on bubble wash technology the machine will produces the millions of bubbles inside the drum. So these bubbles will mingle with the detergent and the bubbles will go deep inside the cloth along with detergent so this helps the garments to easily remove the any kind of dirt particles easily. So this technology will plays a most important role in every washing machine and this is one of the great inventions in the washing machine from the manufactures.

Turbo Wash

The turbo wash is also power cleaning technology this will make the drum to spin at its maximum speed. If the user’s needs a quick wash for any emergencies then this turbo wash is for them. But it can wash a very small amount of clothes with this technology. Because they have equipped a small drum which runs opposite direction than normal drum. Mainly this turbo wash is not suits to dedicated clothes and light weight clothes.

6 Motion DD Technologies

Generally the older versions washing machines are come with single motion. So this will not effective on every kind of clothes. Washing Machine Repair Service in Mahbubnagar  But now the new generation washing machines are equipped with 6 different types of motion DD technologies. They are tumble, filtration, stepping, scrubbing, rolling and swing. So now the users can wash any kind of clothes in the machine this will give the most effective wash to the clothes. These motions will play a most important role in every washer.

Super Soak Technology

The super soak technology is also known as sequel for bubble wash technology. This technology will helps the users can soak the clothes in the washer. While soaking the clothes the drum will produce the bubbles. These bubbles will helps to weak the hard dirt particle with the combination of hot water and detergent. So this will give the effective soaking to the clothes. This is one of the most advanced technologies in the washing machines.

Battling the Hard Water

The hard water is one of the most facing problems in India. The hard water leads to damage the washing machine. It also becomes most difficult task to the detergent to dissolve in the water. This results unsatisfied washing results to the clothes. To tackle this problem in the washing machine the manufactures are introduced two technologies they are aqua energy and aqua filters. The aqua energy helps to convert the hard water in to normal water. And aqua filters will break downs the bicarbonates in to fine crystals from hard water. Now the user can wash the clothes perfectly without any hard water problem.

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Here our Washing Machine Service Center is having the most experienced technical unit so they can do the perfect repair and services to the washing machines. Our technical unit will give a fast a service to the customer at any areas. If the product is requiring to replace the part then our technicians will replace them with newer and origin alone. And also provide the warranties to the spares and service. If the product occurs any major issue our technical unit will undertake the product for providing the service. And we strictly follow all covid19 rules and regulations before going to any customers home.

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