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Whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Secunderabad. Microwaves are somewhat peaceful. Some time from a year ago we got a microwave for preparing the food. Indian kitchens, which at one time had very few electrical apparatuses, are presently getting stacked with machines, everything being equal. Stoves electric or microwave are progressively getting into Indian kitchens and making their quality felt. So far, quite a few periods’ functions get confused between the two and don’t figure out which one to purchase. It is essential to take note that although a great deal of exercise should be possible in both of these kinds of stoves; there are not many things that should be possible well just in both of them. Additionally productively picking the apparatus can likewise help save some power. 

Types Of Microwave Oven:

We have three kinds of microwaves they are solo, grill, and convection. With the microwave oven, we can cook all types of recipes. These different type of microwave ovens will give the different king of cooking functions which will play a most important role in every microwave oven. 

Solo microwave oven

The solo microwave ovens are the basic model with only a few cooking functions. This is a simple microwave oven with only some basic cooking modes. This is able to do the functions like heating, reheating and defrosting the food items other than this it doesn’t contain any cooking options. So these solo microwave ovens are available at very less cost compared to all the other models of the microwave ovens. The users can’t control the temperature settings of the microwave ovens; it has a fixed temperature so this microwave oven can’t cook all kinds of food items. So the solo microwave ovens are mostly suits for small families like 2-3 members or bachelors. 

Grill microwave ovens

The grill microwave ovens are the second model of the microwave oven which is also the basic model of the microwaves with one extra feature called grilling. So this has the grilling facility along with reheating and defrosting. So this grilling microwave oven will give the wonderful grilling satisfaction to the users and it will give the delicious grilling results for grilling the meat and vegetables. This is one of the best microwave ovens to use. These kinds of microwave ovens are mostly use in bakeries and homes. This grill microwave oven is available in mid ranged cost which is less than solo microwave ovens.  

Convection microwave ovens 

The convection microwave ovens are the most advanced model of the microwave ovens.  This can cook all varieties of the food items very easily. The grill microwave oven can grill, defrost, reheat, bake and roast etc. This contains all the functions of solo and grills microwave ovens. And the price of this convection microwave oven is very high compared to all other microwave ovens. This product has a great option called temperature control settings so in this product the users can set the different kind of temperature according to the microwave ovens. 

So this microwave oven can cook all kinds of food items. This has another great technology that is turn plate which rotates the plate inside the oven so the food item can receive the equal heat distribution. So the food items can take comfortable heat for preparing the food items. Mainly these microwave ovens are used in hotels.  This is the best model in the microwave ovens so this model has the best selling rate in this generation. 

Features of microwave ovens

There are many advanced features are available in advanced generation microwave ovens.

Smart display

This smart display is one of the most important parts in the new generation microwave ovens. This microwave oven display will contains all types of functions of cooking. So the users can monitor the all the settings in the microwave oven for cooking the food items. This is the most useful option for monitoring the product.

Gourmet wave system

The equal heat distribution is one of the main things in the food items to get the delicious flavor to the food items. So for that this gourmet wave system will plays a most important role in every food items. This gourmet wave system will provide the equal heat distribution to the food items. This will give the fast and better cooking results to the food items by retaining the vitamins and other nutrients from the food items. The users can also control the temperature level setting and speed of the cooking process. This technology will also save the time of and electricity consumption for cooking up to 15%.

Inox terior

Everybody needs the delicious coking to eat so for this at first the user needs wonderful cooking results. And this inoxterior of the microwave oven is made with stainless steel. So these stains less steel are more helpful for amazing cooking results to the users. Moreover this stainless steel will develop the wonderful circulation of microwaves or heat inside the product.  This is more effective comparing to other cooking products.

Touch panel 

Nowadays we all are using these smart phones with touch display. But now we can also control the microwave ovens with touch display. The new generation microwave ovens are equipped with a smooth touch display so the users can control the all microwave ovens functions. This is one of the best options in the microwave oven. 

Auto menu

The most of modern generation microwave ovens are coming with auto menu technology. In these advanced microwave ovens we have many preset programs. With this technology the users need to select the weight of the food item then microwave oven will automatically starts cooking. And this will also automatically adjust the power and cooking time. This will save the time of the users by cooking the food automatically with just press of single button. The new generation microwave ovens are providing the 100 pre programmed menu items.

Inter lock

The inter lock is the safety option which is provided in the new generation microwave ovens. With this option the users can lock the door of the microwave oven and this makes the microwave ovens to run only when the doors are closed.  And some microwave ovens will provide the two interlocks and other some models of the microwave ovens are coming with 3 inter locks. So these inter locks will work as when one lock fail then another lock will start work. This technology will play a most important role in every microwave oven. 

Child lock 

The users should be careful while using the microwave ovens. Opening the door of the microwave oven from the middle of the cooking is very dangerous. The microwave oven will contain the tremendous heat inside the oven.  So the new microwave ovens are coming with this advanced child lock option so the user can lock the door of the microwave oven so users can only open the door when they type the password on settings panel.  So this technology will protect the children’s form unnecessary accidents. This is one of the bets safety technologies in the microwave ovens. 

Automatic sensor

This technology will helps to user to set any timer to shut off the microwave oven. After cooking the food efficiently. So this feature will help the microwave oven to turn off automatically when food is done. While using this technology this will not overcook and undercook the food items.

Manual power level settings

The modern generation microwaves are equipped with the technology called manual power settings.  The variable food item requires the various power temperatures. These different power level setting allows the user to adjust the power output. With option the users can set different level temperature setting for different type of food items. The user can choose the different temperature level from 10% to 100% according to food items. In the same way the users can also set the different level of temperature for grilling, preheating and convection cooking.

About service

Here we provide the service for the all models of the microwave ovens. We have most experience technicians so they will do the repairs of every problem of the microwave ovens. Our technicians are well trained in the repairing the microwave ovens. this service center  technicians will provide the door to door services to the customers in very less cost. Our technicians are the experienced of more than 10 years they can handle the every work of the microwave ovens. and, our specialist will check the product first and then they will decide to provide the services according to the problems.

 Whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Secunderabad our technicians will replace the damaged spare parts with the new original spare parts. And our technicians will provide the warranties like 1 month general service warranty and 3 months of warranty. this service center technicians will provide the services for 24 hours. Our technicians will only provide the services for only for out of warranty products only. Our service centre will charge the visiting charge of 350/-.  And we generally charge very less comparing to other service providers.

Need professional technicians at your location?

  1.  In today’s life, the microwave oven is an essential product in every home. If the microwave is not working or any issue, the engineers will repair and service it. We offer quick and reliable doorstep service. 
  2.  The professional  engineers are having 7 years of experience 
  3. The mechanics are in expertise in repairing the microwave oven 
  4. We provide out-of-warranty products. 
  5. We repair all the major and minor problems. 
  6.  The technicians are trained and skilled in repairing the microwave oven. 
  7. Whether it is a  major problem also they will repair it. 
  8. Our service center engineers are available at any time 
  9. Timing is 8 am to 9 pm 
  10. Main aim is to give you 100% satisfaction reliable trustworthy service

Frequently asked questions 

  • What are the inspection charges?

 The inspection charges are 350 rupees 

  • What time are the engineers available?

 The technicians are available 24*7 timing 8 am to 9 pm 

  Which oven will they repair?

   Microwave oven various types will be repair 

  •  Solo 
  • Grill 
  • Conventional all he will repair 

We do the repair and service for all the models. 


as I want to tell you if your microwave oven is not working just book our service at any time we are available. We repair all the whirlpool home appliance products so at any time we are available for the customers. 

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