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LG Service Center in Secunderabad. Here, LG is one of the finest brands in India; they always provide the best and qualitative home appliances to the customers. And they will provide the all-important home appliances. like a refrigerator, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and TV. These are the most important appliances in every home. The user can take different kinds of needs with these products. And these products are highly using products in this generation.  These products are available at different prices according to their model and specifications. The different product is coming with different types of features and types like


The refrigerators come with many special cooling modes and functions. And this is the only product which protects the food items for a long time. and also provides the cooling to cool drinks, water bottles, and cakes. these refrigerators are mainly used in the summer seasons because of the hot weather. And because of hot weather, the refrigerator takes high electricity to provide the cooling inside. The refrigerator needs to run according to the outer temperature. If the temperature is cool outside then it will easily cool inside. and the temperature is hot then it requires running the cooling fan at its maximum. So this requires high electricity usage in summers. We can see mainly three models in the refrigerators. these different types contain different capacities and functions.

Single door refrigerator

The single door is one of the finest models in the refrigerators. This refrigerator has only a single door to store the food item. This has the least capacity for food, storing the capacity of this refrigerator is around 250 liters. And the freezer compartment of this refrigerator is also very small. They placed it on top of the refrigerator. The freezer of this refrigerator is very small compared to all other refrigerators. These single door refrigerators are available very less in the market. This model is fit for any small house because this is very small in size and height. The new single door refrigerators are coming with many advanced features.

Double door refrigerator

The double door refrigerators are the best model to use in every home. Because this is available in mid expense range with many great features and cooling modes. The double door refrigerators fixed with two doors for the freezer and fridge so users will get some extra space for storing the food items. This is the best option for the refrigerator. And this double door refrigerator is coming with two different cooling systems. like separate cooling operation for freezer and fried. Because vegetables and the freezer don’t require equal cooling. This model has a capacity of 350 liters which is suitable for medium-large families. However, this is one of the greatest models of refrigerators.

Side by side door refrigerator

The side-by-side door refrigerators are the most advanced model refrigerators. This is coming with many advanced cooling and automatic modes. This has 2 split side by side doors which look very cool. The user can also store a huge amount of items indoors. This model had a big storage capacity on two sides that is easily suitable for big families consisting of10 members. We can use a complete side of the refrigerator as a freezer. and if the user doesn’t find sufficient space in the fridge then he can convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator. The side by side door refrigerators is very high in cost when compared to other refrigerators.

Washing machines

The washing machines are another most important appliance in every home. Every household has much work with this product. This product will make the washing task very easy for users. These washing machines used for washing the clothes and provide a quick wash which saves the time of user. The usage of this product increased because many users are not finding sufficient time to wash the clothes. So they are choosing the washing machines for washing clothes. The user has many benefits from this product. The washing machine mainly consists of four types. and the different type of washing machine coming with different capacities and washing modes they are like

Top load washing machines

The top load washing machines are starting models of washing machines with few wash options. Top load washing machines are mainly two types like a double drum and a single drum. And there are two types of the drum are there in these top load washing machines they are like. Some top-load drums are coming with agitators and some drums are coming without agitators. The agitators helped to wash the clothes big and heavy clothes. and this will maintain a motion while washing cloth so this results in a vibrating machine. These agitators will require some extra electricity for washing. And drums without agitators are more efficient which uses less water. and electricity and this will provide the best washing experience to the users.

Front-load washing machines

Front-load washing machines are the next model of the top load washing machines. These machines have many useful features and washing modes. This is the best model to use because this is a mid-ranged product with many satisfied features. This machine has a middle door front side so it called front load washing machines. This product will consume less electricity and give the most satisfaction to the users. This machine will wash and drain with a single drum so this will occupy very little space for storing. This has a big capacity compared to a top load washing machine. The drum of this machine will spin 30% faster than the top load. The user cannot open the door of the washer during the wash cycle because water may come out from the drum.

Semi-automatic washing machine

The semi-automatic washing machines will be one of the best washing machines of the generation. This model is coming with few automatic washing functions and this machine also requires many manual works from the user This machine will come with two drums for washing and draining so the user needs to shift the washed clothes for draining to the draining drum. This is also an older model machine that uses very less water to wash the clothes. But this machine will occupy extra space for storage. This machine will provide a very quick wash to users. And this drum will not require a particular soap to wash. However, this machine will give the most efficient wash to the fabric.

Fully automatic washing machine

The fully automatic washing machines are always the best model in this generation. This will completely operate the washing machine automatically. The fully automatic washing machines will give the best washing experience to the users. Compared to all other models in the washing machines it is the most advanced and highly expensive washing machine. This product has so many washing modes and features. This will use less water and less electricity while washing the fabric. The fully automatic washing machine contains some washing motions to the drum. so we can wash all kinds of clothes because they provided with different wash motions according to the fabric.

Microwave oven

These microwave ovens are an electricity product used for cooking purposes. This is an electrical device used for cooking food items. These ovens are also called an electronic oven. which works with electromagnetic waves called microwaves. This product will raise the temperature inside the microwave oven. and the microwaves observe by fats, water, sugar, and other molecules. This will provide heat to the food without warming the surrounding air. These microwave ovens reduce the cooking time of the user and also baking food that requires hours to bake and provide the best taste to the food items. The microwave oven is available in three types. Which are coming with different features, they are like.

Solo microwave oven

The solo microwave ovens are the earlier and basic model in microwave ovens. These are mostly used for only heating the food item and for basic cooking needs. And this microwave oven contains the functions of heating, reheating, and defrosting. The solo microwave ovens are very less in price. The user cannot control the temperature of the microwave oven because this is available in only advanced microwave ovens. This microwave oven is not suitable for all food items and this is suitable for bachelors and families consist of 2 members. This microwave comes with a fixed heating temperature.

Grill microwave oven

The grill microwave oven is one of the best models to use. It has a grilling facility so this microwave oven known as a grill microwave oven. This is also a normal microwave with a grilling facility along with reheating and defrosting. This product will easily grill the meat and vegetable in a very quick time. These grill microwave ovens are a continuation model of the solo microwave oven. This microwave oven has some updated modes and this has turn plate technology with this option the user can spin the plate inside the oven. So this results in equal heat distribution. This is the best option in the grill microwave oven.

Convection microwave oven

The convection microwave ovens are the most recent model in microwave ovens. This has so many advanced features. This microwave oven can cook all kinds of food items very easily. And the cost of the convection microwave oven is very high. The user can control the temperature accordingly to the food items as they provided a few temperature options. This machine contains all the cooking technologies of solo and grilling microwave ovens. This is the best microwave oven in this generation.

LG Service Center in Secunderabad

Air conditioner

The air conditioner is one of the most important home appliances during the summer season. Mainly we use air conditioners to take cool air. the product will give the cool air to the user for a long time and this will consume very less electricity consumption. The air conditioner will provide very quick cooling to the room. Generally, we use the air conditioner for only cool air during hot weather. But modern washing machines are coming with a wonderful technology called inbuilt heaters. This is one of the best technologies in modern air conditioners. So now we can use the air conditioners in winter seasons also this will able to provide the hot air to the room with the help of inbuilt heaters. We have different types of air conditioners in this generation which are available in various types and features they are like.

Split air conditioner

The split air conditioners are the best model of this generation in air conditioners. The split air conditioners are mainly used in homes, offices, colleges, etc. These are the most energy-efficient model. which is capable to run a long time and consumes less electricity. And this product is very easy to use and fix and fixing this AC will not require any ductwork to the room. So many people will show interest in buying these air conditioners. 

LG Service Center in Secunderabad

The split air conditioners come with many advanced cooling modes. And this product is also coming with inverter technology which will play an important role in the air conditioners. This helps to save electricity consumption by running the unit accordingly to the weather condition. With this technology, the user can control the speed of the compressor motor and temperature of the unit. The split air conditioners run very smooth and silent this is one of the best AC of this generation.

Duct air conditioner

This duct air conditioner is coming with the technology that multi-zone technology. To fix this air conditioner the user needs to make ductwork in-home or office etc so this known as duct air conditioners. This air conditioner is coming with two separate fan motors this will provide equal airflow in the room. This unit has a good cooling capacity comparing to split air conditioners. These duct air conditioners fixed to the ceilings. 

LG Service Center in Secunderabad

So this consumes very little space on the wall. These duct air conditioners equipped with any cooling vents so this will directly blow the cool air into the room. There is a copper pipe connected through condenser coils and blowers fans this process is the main reason for providing cooling. The duct air conditioners are very low in cost comparing to split air conditioners. These duct type air conditioners are mainly used in shopping malls etc. This is also one of the best models in the air conditioners.

Cassette air conditioners

The cassette air conditioners are can also know as central AC’s. These cassette air conditioners will come with 4 side airflow vents which will provide cooling to 4 sides of the unit. This air conditioner will run very smoothly and silent, the user also will not get to know that unit is running. This will fix in the middle of the room to the ceiling this will give quick cooling to the room. These cassette air conditioners will require very little maintenance to safeguard. This looks very cool after fixing it the front panel is only visible and another body part of the unit will go inside the ceiling. These are the best and advanced air conditioners which can used anywhere easily.


TV is one of the most compulsory product in every home. This product used for only entertainment purposes; entertainment is also the main part of everyone’s life. The TV’s will remove the tress of the user. We can watch movies, sports, and TV shows, etc. we have this product form for many years. and now we can see the most upgraded TV’s like LED, LCD, plasma, etc, these are the coming with most advanced features. 

LG Service Center in Secunderabad

The LED TVs are the slimmest model in this generation. This is coming with full HD displays and 1080P which known as a full HD display and 720p which known as an HD display. And the modern generation TVs like smart TVs are coming with the resolution of 4K. which is one of the highest resolutions in this generation and some TV’s are coming with the resolution of UHD. So this is will gives a better experience to the users while watching the TV.

About service

LG Service Center in Secunderabad is providing the best services to the customers. With the most experienced works of 10 years. They will give the perfect repairing work to the product. Our technicians will also provide doorstep services. which means they will come to your home and provide the services in front of customers. If any spare part of the product damaged then we replace it with another original spare part. And our services center will also provide the warranties to spare parts. and general services for 3-month spare parts and 1-month general service. We also provide the services of 24 hours to the customers. So contact us at LG Service Center in Secunderabad.

Our global techno service is providing repairs and services to the home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and television. In these home appliances, we repair all the models and surely your product will be problem-free if once repaired and service from our global techno service.

LG Service Center in Secunderabad

The very main home appliances are washing machines. They are used to washing clothes very perfectly, it saves our time and washing clothes much better than human hand washing of clothes. Refrigerators are used to store many foods that are very hygienic and fresh. A microwave oven is used to cook food very fast and with very little effort and a very wide variety of food can be cooked regularly.  Air conditioners are used to set the house temperature as we need it to cool very amazingly. Televisions are a top-count entertainment product. All the people use it the most and if these products are problematic then our global techno service is always available to solve the problems.

Global techno service is providing the repair and service to the appliances 

So our global techno service has brought up the advantages to its customers on getting their home appliances repaired by our service centers like 1-month general service warranty, 3-months spare parts warranty, transportation facility, and the most important is we provide the doorstep service.

Our service center will work on the basis of customer satisfaction and we have trained our staff very finely to respond to customers and technical team to work effectively so that customers should be 100% satisfied, by our global techno service.  We are having 10 years of experience in this field of doorstep service. Global techno services are certified service providers and are very well-known by the people, we provide you with all the facilities and very genuine service will be given to our global service customers. If any of your above-mentioned products are problematic then hire us and we will provide the finest and fastest service at doorstep. 

Our technical workers:

Our technicians of global techno service are trained in all the aspects of repairing and servicing the washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and televisions in a professional manner. 

We assure you the best service and repair to the home appliances. Contact us on provided numbers and say the details of the product, we will register the booking and confirm your booking order for repair and service. The technician will make a call to you for complete details of the address and he will reach you in time and check the product and repair it. We charge very affordable visiting fares and reasonable charges. 

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