whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad. These refrigerators are one of the best appliances in every house to use. This product has a good market value in this generation. The refrigerators are mainly used for cooling the food items. The refrigerators are becoming the most compulsory product in every home. This has many cooling functions for protecting the food item so this product is playing an important role in protecting the food items. Generally these refrigerators will consume a very less electricity consumption by using them for a long time. The refrigerators are coming with some temperature control settings and the capacity of cooling is 30 to 50 C.

About Refrigerator

So the user can set the temperature . Mainly the usages of these refrigerators are very high in summer seasons. because in summers the temperature is very high so every user wishes to take the cool food items. And the refrigerators will consume high electricity in summers compared to winter and other seasons. Because the temperature outside is also very high it is difficult for the refrigerator to cool the food items in less time. so the refrigerator fan requires to spin at its maximum speed for cooling the food items so this results in high electricity consumption. And this product will provide cooling to every corner to corner of the refrigerator. These refrigerators are available in three types they are

Single door refrigerator

The single door refrigerators quipped with only one door to the complete unit so this product known as a single door refrigerator. This product has two storing shelves for storing the food items as this has less storing capacity. And these shelves are removable and washable easily so the user can keep the refrigerators interiors fresh and clean. And the single door refrigerators will not contains not many advanced features. 

This is an entry level of the refrigerators so the cost of this refrigerator is also very less. These refrigerators don’t have any temperature control settings so this will always run at single speed for any kind of load. The single door refrigerator size is very small and this has a small freezer compartment in this same door. This refrigerator will always give better satisfaction to the users. And it is suitable for small houses also. The modern generation single door refrigerators equipped with many advanced features. so the usages of this single door refrigerators are increasing.

Double door refrigerator

The double door refrigerators are the best refrigerator model in this generation. This refrigerator has mainly two doors which are like top and bottom. With this the users can find more space to store the food items. This double door refrigerator has two doors for separating the two cooling compartments like freezer and fridge. So with this option the users can find more space for storing the large amount of food items.


The size of this double door refrigerator is very big compared to a single door refrigerator. And the cooling system of the double door refrigerator for freezer and fridge is completely different. And this has a great feature called frost free technology that will give even cooling inside and keeps the interior fresh. and clean inside the refrigerators. Compared to single door refrigerators. these double door refrigerators will consume 30% extra electricity for cooling the food items. These double door refrigerators have the capacity of 260 liters approximately. This has a good selling rate in the present days.

Side by side door refrigerator

This is the most advanced refrigerator model in this generation. And this has the huge storing capacity so the user can easily store the large amount of food items. This is suitable for large families containing 8 – 10 members. This side by side door refrigerator has mainly two split side by side doors so the user can use one complete side of the unit and can used as a freezer. So this model refrigerator has a big freezer compartment compared to all other refrigerators. The cost of this side by side door refrigerator is very high. This product has freezer converter technology. 


so the users can easily convert the freezer into a normal fridge compartment. Moreover the size of this refrigerator is very large so this is not suitable for small houses. The side by side door refrigerators will consume very high electricity consumption compared to all other refrigerator models because this has big storing capacity. This is the best refrigerator at present days with many advanced and automatic features. So these side by side door refrigerators usages are increasing rapidly.

whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

Features of refrigerators

There are many advanced features of the refrigerators are there they are like

All round cooling technology with 3600 air flow and ice beam door, dual fan

The many modern refrigerators are coming with this technology that is 3600 air flow. This technology will play an important role in every refrigerator. This 3600 air flow technology will maintain the even temperature in the refrigerator. and it will circulate the air in multiple directions with multi air flow vents. This multiple direction air flow will provide the cooling to every corner to corner inside the refrigerator. This airflow will maintain the interior clean and free from odd frozen warm spots. This technology can be also known as 3D air flow technology. And this ice beam door also provides uniform cooling to the refrigerator.

Perfect cooling backup with cooling wall and cooling gel

For protecting the food items it requires continuous cooling. And the power cuts will be the major problem in India. this will spoil the food items in the refrigerators. to protect the food items during the power cuts the food items need backup cooling. So to prevent this problem the new generation refrigerators are coming with the technology called cooling wall and cooling gel. The cooling walls equipped at the back of the storing shelf. So this will give the cooling to the refrigerator for after power cut so this technology will help to protect the food items. And another technology is cooling gel that will release a type of gas after power cut. so this will also save the food item by providing the cooling in gas form. This is one of the most important and useful technologies in the refrigerator.

Digital inverter

The digital inverter is one of the best options in the modern refrigerators. Generally this option is not available. The old refrigerator comes with normal conventional inverters. which run the refrigerator in single speed to the refrigerator. So this will consume the high electricity consumption for any kind of storage inside the refrigerator. This digital inverter will provide the 7 different types of fan speeds for the refrigerator. so the refrigerator will automatically set the fan speed according to the load of the refrigerator. If the load inside the refrigerator is high then the fan of the unit will run in maximum speed. and when the storing items is less the refrigerator will run in less speed so this process will save the electricity consumption. This is one of the best technologies in the modern refrigerator.

Convertible options

These convertible options will play a most important role in every refrigerator they are

Normal mode

The normal mode is when we use the top compartment as freezer and fridge compartment known as normal mode. The new refrigerators without enabling any modes are also known as normal mode.

Extra fridge mode

This extra fridge mode is one of the best features in the refrigerator. And this mode is available only inside by side door refrigerators because this model has two split doors. which one side of the door used as a freezer so the user can convert that freezer into a normal fridge. when the user doesn’t find sufficient storage in the refrigerator. And this mode is also known as converter option.

Seasonal mode

This seasonal mode is one of the great modes in the refrigerator and this will protect the food items. So in winter seasons the many users don’t use the freezer compartment so at that time this season mode will provide the users to turn the freezer and normally runs the fridge compartment.

Vacation mode

This vacation mode is very useful to the users when they go out for a vacation for some days. Generally we use the refrigerator 24 hours protecting the food items and refrigerator. So, many people will turn off the refrigerator completely when they go out for some reason. So this will cause leakage of the gas. To prevent this problem the new refrigerators are providing the option called vacation mode. so while using this mode the refrigerator will off the fridge compartment and runs the freezer compartment. This mode also saves electricity consumption.

Home alone mode

This home alone mode is also an energy saving mode in the refrigerator. When the user has only a small item to store in the refrigerator. So users can convert the refrigerator into a mini fridge so the users can convert all the small items into mini refrigerators.

Auto door opening

The new generation refrigerators are coming with the technology called auto door opening. This is the most advanced technology in the refrigerator. The refrigerators equipped with some auto door opening sensors at the bottom of the refrigerators. So when the user steps into the door opening sensor zone the doors will automatically open. This technology is mainly useful for aged people because they can’t open the heavy and bulky refrigerators. This is one of the best features in advanced refrigerators.

Moist balanced crispers

The moist balanced crispers will provide good moisture to the food items. These moist balanced crispers are one of the best technologies in new generation refrigerators. These are lattice type crispers that will provide the optimized amount of moisture to the food items. This will help the users to protect the food items safely for a long time. And this has another feature that toughened glass which is capable of bearing the heavy weight. This toughened glass can bear the weight of 175kgs. So the users can store the heavy food items in the refrigerators without any tensions.

Stabilizer free option

This is one of the best features in the refrigerators. The modern refrigerators will play the most important role in safeguarding the refrigerator. All the modern refrigerators equipped with the stabilizer inbuilt. so the users don’t need to buy any additional stabilizers for protecting the refrigerator. And, these stabilizers will control the all current fluctuations of the refrigerators. So these refrigerators are playing an important role in every refrigerator.

Solar smart panels

These solar smart panels are one of the most advanced features in the refrigerator. The manufactures equipped with solar panels to the top of the refrigerators. With these solar panels will take the energy directly from the sun in the form of DC. And this will converted into AC form with the help of solar charge controllers. With this we can run the refrigerator without current connection. This is the best feature which is coming with the refrigerators.

Seal fresh technology

The refrigerators with seal fresh technology are coming with the sensors. This provides the uniform cooling the food items. This keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time like vegetables for 1 days and milk for 7 days.

About service

whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad. We have the best technical unit they experienced of more than 10 years. So our technicians will give the best services for the refrigerators. And we also provide the transport facility to the clients. Here, we do the services at very less cost compared to other services centers. We also provide the door to door services to the customers by taking the visiting charge of 350/- only. Moreover, we provide the only original spare parts to the repairing product by charging an extra amount. As well as, we provide the warranties to the services and spare parts. Like 3 months product warranty and one month general service warranty. Contact whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad.

whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

whirlpool is the most used and bonafide brand and the products of The whirlpool company are really appreciable and guaranteed. People have really a strong level of trust in the whirlpool products so if you have any whirlpool refrigerator then it is really very good and if at all you got any issues in your refrigerator then no problem that’s not the big deal usually machinery gets problematic and for solving it at very reasonable and affordable prices we are here the dealers of whirlpool providing you the service and repair to the out of warranty products.

Repair and Service

We will help you by rectifying your refrigerator problem in no time at your door with all the protection of the pandemic and serving you the safe service at your door. Your refrigerator of any model, single door, double door,  side by side door any problem in this refrigerator will be easily rectified by our service center technicians. We have a well-trained team of technicians who are capable of solving the problems major or minor in every model refrigerator with all the original spare parts used so to overcome any of the problems in your refrigerator then pick our service center for your whirlpool model refrigerator.

The single door is the general and basic models but has the good cooling capacity, has less space but very useful to small families in storing food and any problem in it  will be easily solved our professionals at affordable and reasonable prices 

Double door  has  good space with two doors  one on another placed an upper side is known as the  D free and bottom one is the storage compartment  for food essentials so if at all any issues in this   then hire us to solve the issue  

Side by side doors are the new advanced featured model refrigerators with high storage capacity and advanced featured refrigerators. You will need the best expert professional and we made our technicians capable of solving the issues of refrigerators of the new model.

We Implement to our customers

Home servicing 

24\7 support service

90 days warranty on spare parts 

1-month warranty on general servicing 

Transport facility 

Original spare parts

Our service center 

Moreover, Our service center is providing qualitative service to your appliances at very reasonable rates so to come across refrigerator issues contact our service center. We are excellent service suppliers and the service of our service center is different from other service providers. And, We provide guaranteed service to our customers and make them fully satisfied with our  service techniques

So, We provide repair and service to only non-warranty appliances and ensure you the genuine service and make you 100% satisfied service. We tend to offer our service to your issuable appliances our service center and trust us. Likewise, We make the use of repairs with very highly specified tools and fix the appliances with original spares and we send our skilled technician to repair your refrigerator and We charge some visiting fees of 350 rupees for visiting. Your minor problem in the refrigerator will be solved in that visiting fees only and major problems will be charged additionally.

Refrigerator is an essential product in every home. Nowadays, everyone is using the refrigerator. We provide the top best service for all home appliance products. We repair and service all the major problems. If the water is leaking, the door is not closing, so if you’re having any issues you can contact us. We do the service. The engineers are skilled and expert. We repair and service the refrigerator. we are available 24*7 service for the customers. 

 Features of our service center 

  1. How we work: we provide quality service with the genuine spares 


Call us: at any time you can contact us. we are available for you 24/7

Reach you in time: at any time we are there for the customers,timings 8 am to 9 pm

Qualified technicians: the engineers are qualified and have 7 years of experience.

complaint: you can book the complaint through a call or email. 

How to get contact:

  • To get our service once you need to make a contact on our toll-free number which has been introduced above or else you can also register.
  •  your refrigerator complaint on our website in a condition box. So that within 1 hour our customer support team will get back to you. 
  • And send the qualified engineers for repairing to your address within a working day and do the service. 
  • After booking the complaint we send the complaint number 
  • He will arrive at your home in just 1 or 2 hours 

Frequently asked questions 

  1. What are the inspection charges?

 The charges are 350 rupees.

  1. How can you pay the amount? 

 Cash or else through online you can be paid . 

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