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whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad. The microwave ovens are the electrical product which used for cooking the food items. This product will play a most important role in every kitchen. Here, These microwave ovens are providing the many advanced features for cooking the food items. microwave ovens will cook the food items with electromagnetic waves. that are also known as microwaves so this product known as electromagnetic waves. Likewise, microwave ovens are one used in hotels, homes and bakeries etc. The usages of the microwave ovens increased in this generation. The microwave ovens are mainly available in four types they are like.

Types of microwave ovens

  • Solo microwave ovens
  • Grill microwave ovens
  • Convection microwave ovens

Solo microwave ovens

Solo microwave ovens are the basic model in the microwave ovens. This microwave Oven contains only some basic functions like heating and reheating the food items. This solo microwave oven is available at a very low cost. The solo microwave oven doesn’t contain any temperature control options and this microwave ovens can’t cook the all variety of food items. This microwave oven cannot grill or bake the food items. These solo microwave ovens will be mostly suitable for bachelors and families with 2 members.

Grill microwaves ovens

Grill microwave ovens are also known as normal models with some extra features compared with solo microwave ovens they are like. These microwave ovens are coming with some additional options like grilling options along with defrosting. This is one of the best models in microwave ovens. This will grill the fruits and meat.

Convection microwave ovens

This is the best and most advanced microwave oven in this generation. This microwave oven can cook all kinds of food items. This convection microwave can defrost, reheat, grill, bake, roast and brown. The cost of this microwave oven is very high compared to all other models. This model microwave oven can give the option of temperature. so the users can set the different level of temperature of different types of food item. And this microwave oven has a turn plate option that will rotate the food items inside the microwave oven. So this will provide the equal heat top all around the food item. This microwave oven is mostly used in hotels and homes.

Feature of microwave ovens

There are some key features in this product which plays an important role in very microwave ovens.

Smart display

This smart display plays an important role in every microwave oven. This microwave oven contains all the functions of cooking. So the users can control all the settings of the microwave oven. This is the best option for monitoring the product.

Inox terior

Every user wants to take the excellent cooking results. And this interior made with stainless steel. So this stainless steel will provide amazing cooking results to the users. Moreover this stainless steel will improve the circulation of microwaves inside compared to other cooking products.

Gourmet wave system

This gourmet wave system technology will provide the equal distribution of heat to the food items. This will give the quick and best cooking results to by retaining the vitamins and other nutrients from the food items. We can also control the power level setting and speed of the cooking. This technology will also save the time of and electricity consumption for cooking up to 15%.

Touch control

The modern microwave ovens equipped with sensors which provide the clear and simple touch control to the microwave ovens. So with this feature the users can control the microwave oven with a touch panel. The surface of the panel is very smooth and very easy to clean.

Auto menu

The many advanced microwave ovens are coming with auto menu technology. That means we have many preset programs. While using this technology the user has to just select the weight of the food item. then the microwave oven will automatically start cooking. And this will also automatically select the power and cooking time. This will save the time of the users by cooking the food automatically with a single button. The new generation microwave ovens will provide the 100 pre programmed menu items.

Manual power level settings

The new generation microwaves are coming with the technology called manual power settings. The different power level setting allows the user to adjust the power output. With this the user can set different level power settings for different types of food items. The user can choose the different power levels from 10% to 100% according to food items. In the same way the users can also set the different type of temperature for grilling, preheating and convection cooking.


The interlocks are a safety feature in the microwave ovens. This will make the microwave ovens to run only when the door closed. Generally some microwave oven models come with two interlocks and some other microwave oven models come with 3 interlocks. so if any one lock fails to work then the other lock will work automatically. However this technology will safeguard the microwave oven.

Child lockout

The every user has to be careful while using these microwave ovens. And nobody should open the microwave door from mid process. Because there can be tremendous heat inside the microwave oven. So there are some microwave ovens which are coming with child lock technology. which protect the children from unnecessary accidents. And there are child proof doors which will open only when open using a keypad.

Automatic sensor

With this option the user doesn’t need to set any timer to shut off the microwave oven and cook the food efficiently. So this technology will help the microwave oven to shut off automatically. when food is ready while using this technology this will not overcook and undercook the food items.


The people who are non-vegetable lovers would love this feature in the microwave oven. The rotisserie is the technology which used to grille use for barbecuing the meat, poultry, paneer and vegetables.


There are some food items which take a lot of time to cook the items like cakes and pastries. So this results in high electricity consumption and time. So the microwave ovens will require preheating the ovens before we start cooking or baking them. This type of recipe will require the preheat temperature up to 2000 C. The preheat technology in these microwave ovens are one of the key features.

whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad

Problems in microwave ovens

Microwave oven is not heating

These microwave ovens have heating components called diodes and magnetron. which provides heat inside the food items. When these diodes burned out then the food items will not heat up in the microwave ovens. so this will require replacement with a spare part to run the microwave oven again.

Microwave oven is stop in the middle of the cooking

When the microwave oven stops in the middle of cooling then there might be a problem in the switch board. The bad wiring connections will heat up and cause the fuse to trip so this will cut off the power. Ad generally these microwave ovens will require a better amount of space for ventilation. Placing the microwave oven in a cramp place will overheat the microwave oven. So this will also stop the microwave oven in the middle of cooking.

The microwave plate is not spinning

This spinning of the plate inside the microwave oven is very important to cooking the food items. This problem solved by any electrician. The problem is from the motor and another problem is from the switchboard. To repair these issues the user needs to contact the qualified technician.

About service

We provide the most guaranteed services for microwave ovens. And we have the best and experienced technicians who can provide the best services for any home appliances. They have experience of more than 10 years so they can handle all issues from the product. our service centers will provide the best service facility to the customers like door to door service at affordable prices. Generally our technicians will provide the services at very less costs compared to all other service centers. And our service center is available for the customers for 24 hours for giving the services. 


whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad. our technicians will provide 100% satisfaction to the customers. moreover our technicians will charge 350/- for visiting. we replace the damaged parts with original and genuine spare parts by charging an extra amount. mainly we also provide the warranties to the services like one month for general service warranty and 3 months for product warranty. So, Our service center has regular customers for our services. Because, we are one of the most trusted service givers in Hyderabad.

Microwave oven:

Microwave Ovens are very widely and commonly used in today’s generation. A microwave oven is an extremely adaptable kitchen appliance that offers an entire scope of uses of the oven. Microwaves can be utilized to heat and prepare food, make citrus organic products juicier, heat magnificence items, broil garlic, and de-taking shape nectar. A microwave oven offers complete convenience in cooking any type of tasty food item. If we cook food on a gas stove, then we must need to frequently stir the food item and have to keep a regular eye on the food. A microwave oven won’t let us feel tired and stressed in cooking. Modern people always try to look for the best ways of doing any work. 

So, a microwave oven is the best suitable kitchen appliance these days. It is just a small box that can cook and reheat any of the food items. Moreover, the size and structure of the microwave ovens give a trendy look to modern kitchens. However, it saves us much time when we compare it with the gas stove. Moreover, a microwave oven won’t make our kitchen messy but it will make us comfortable. In the morning time, everyone will be busy running to the office quickly so, in this peak time, the oven makes breakfast within a limited time. In this way, microwave ovens is playing an essential role in our life. We can easily make popcorns, Maggie, cakes, pastries, and many other tasty food items at home within less time.


Solo Microwave Oven
Grill Microwave Oven
Convection Microwave Oven



If you feel like a bad odor is originating from your oven many days after cooking, then make sure that you clean it. The microwave oven is the simple, so simply clean it with hot, soapy water and check for the issue solves.
If the issue persists, then there is a need to replace the channel. But this will be difficult to do this alone.


If the fuses of your house keep blowing when you switch on the microwave oven, then it may be because of a faulty interlock switch of the oven. However, if you find the fuse blowing in the oven when you open the door while it is operating, then it is a “smoking gun”. Further, if there is a lack of continuity of the switch, then there is a need to replace it.
However, if the issue is not with the door switch, then this indicates a faulty magnetron which helps to provide heat to the oven. Also, there might be issues with the power surge or wall outlet of the microwave oven.

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whirlpool Microwave Oven Repair Service Center in Hyderabad  is preferred by most of the customers for the microwave oven repair service. We have well-qualified technicians to solve all the issues of your microwave oven at your doorstep. So, you can contact us through the phone number given on the page of the site.

Microwave is the home appliance essential product in every home. We provide the service and repair for the microwave oven. The oven is used for heating the food and it provides the guinea parts for the repair. It is one of the best home appliance product services in our homes. In a microwave oven, we can make pizzas, burgers, chocolates, cakes, etc. We can cook the food at any time. 

Whirlpool microwave service center in Hyderabad :

The whirlpool microwave oven is one of the best ovens and it is available in the market at a reasonable price. Whirlpool bought many successful products from all over India. the microwave oven has different types we will repair :

  1. Solo 
  2. Grill 
  3. Conventional 

 Engineers will repair and service all the microwave ovens. 

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  • We give genuine service who charge nominal bills with promising customer satisfaction.
  • And, we can handle all the areas of Hyderabad 
  • we can reach any place for you 
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  • We provide the 1-month service warranty 
  • Spare parts warranty will be 3 months 
  • On-time service for the customers
  • The engineers are trustworthy for the service .
  • Main goal is to give guinea and true service 
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